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ERP In Business

Globalization has become the foundation of modern business, and technology has a crucial role to play in helping businesses compete on a global scale. By increasing creativity, efficiency, and productivity, technology can help businesses make fast, flexible decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

However, many businesses still face challenges when it comes to using technology to optimize their operations. One key issue is the integration of systems, which is necessary for capturing and analyzing real-time data and making informed decisions. Another concern is the optimization of business processes and the effective use of data captured in systems.

To stay competitive in today's rapidly changing business environment, it is essential for businesses to study their data, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies for success. Having real-time information and data is critical for identifying and addressing mistakes and issues as they arise. Investing in software to streamline day-to-day operations is an important step in achieving these goals.

As most businesses today will inevitably invest in software to ease day to day operations, multiple issues still persist:

      • Are the systems integrated? 

      • Can we get our data and reports real time?

      • Are my business process optimized?

      • How are we using these data we capture in our systems?

Imagine if…

You could replace legacy systems with ONE solution that does it all

Remicle is a full end to end business ERP Software to cover all your business needs from Finance, Leads to Cash, Sales to Fulfillment, HR and many more............

Extensive Module List

Remicle boasts having one of the most complete sets of modules to optimize all your business needs. With our team of experts and consultants, we can customize any modules to fit even the toughest of requirements. 

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User Friendliness

Remicle prides itself as one of the most user friendly ERP platform to the extent that

the ground level users influence the top management level to choose us. 

Remicle is designed and built for the ease of usage, learning and executing day to day


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Cloud based Web Solution

Remicle is a true cloud, and operating on browser, clients will not need to fork out

additional budget for hardware for servers and most importantly user side hardware

requirements compared to legacy installed based software.

Quick Implementation Time Frame

Built on the latest technology, this allows us to customize and implement our solutions in a shorter timeframe. 

Also with our unique DREAMS implementation process, we are able to encapsulate your users requirements more accurately reducing the need of change requests.

Multi Device Availability

Work anywhere, anytime and on any devices. With our mobile optimized solution, all you need is a web browser and internet and you are ready to go. 

Built for today and the future

We built Remicle with an eye toward the future, and our development team is constantly working on a range of enhancements, additional features, mobile apps, and other improvements. Clients who choose to work with us today will also benefit from these enhancements in the future, as we continue to grow and evolve our product and service offerings.

With Remicle, you can have peace of mind knowing that your ERP system will remain relevant and up-to-date, as we are committed to staying at the forefront of ERP innovation and technology. We are dedicated to constantly improving and expanding our offerings to meet the changing needs of businesses.

Core ERP Modules

Modernize your business operations today

Wait we have more!

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Beautiful Built-In Dashboards

With our built-in Business Intelligence Feature that comes with all modules, you can easily pivot and customize your master screen to see all your company data in  REAL TIME  anytime anywhere.

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Add-on Modules

Need more functions to your system? Remicle boast an extensive range of additional modules to further compliment and scale your system from our detailed Manufacturing module, Asset Management, Warehouse Management, Point of Sale, Human Resource & Payroll, Project Management and many more. Ask us how?
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Hardware Integration Possible

Remicle solution is scalable with most devices and hardware from barcode/QR scanners, attendance devices to even specialised equipment such as weigh bridge .

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