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Fully Integrated Manufacturing ERP

The manufacturing industry is a highly dynamic and competitive space which makes it imperative for businesses to have an integrated solution that can enhance efficiency, diminish costs, increase sales and profitability but most importantly, enable the organization to make accurate, informed and strategic decisions. 

Remicle Fully Integrated Manufacturing ERP might be the answer to all these requirements. Remicle ERP technology integrates all aspects of business (resources, operations, monitoring, reporting, sales, accounting and finance, etc.) and empowers businesses to function smoothly by maintaining a single database. 

How adopting Remicle will benefit your Manufacturing Processes:
      • Automates and Streamlines Business Processes

      • Adapt & Respond to Market Conditions Quicker

      • Strategic Decision Making

      • Reduce Costs

      • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Take Control of your Production Cycle

ERP technology has now become an essential element within most manufacturing firms, as companies depend upon the technology to drive productivity and reduce production costs.

End to End Manufacturing Module
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End to End Manufacturing

Everything you need in a single platform

Planning & Scheduling

Automate your Production Schedule based on Customized Production Rules.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Ensure materials are available for production with customized procurement rules with Integrated Vendor Management from Procurement Module.

Extensive BOM

Unlimited parent and child possibilities for BOM design with cost & material management at every level.

Quality Control

Set Up Extensive customized Quality Control Points in your Production Cycle to ensure only the best get passed.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Remicle PLM harnesses the power of an enterprise social network to help you communicate more efficiently across multiple departments. 

Reports & Dashboards

Customize your dream Master Control Panel and have a total overview of your Production Lines.

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